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One of the primary reasons why self-managed superannuation funds have grown in popularity in recent years is the fact the members have greater control over the range of investments, the ongoing management fees and ultimately their tax payable.

When contemplating the establishment of your own self managed superannuation fund you need to weigh up the advantages and the added responsibilities. For many Australians, SMSFs offer 4 major advantages:

  1. More control over your investments
    2. Greater investment flexibility
    3. Generally lower fees than industry and retail funds
    4. Potentially better performance than industry and retail funds

Having a SMSF lets you take full advantage of tax and superannuation law changes as soon as they come into effect. They also provide families with a vehicle to pool their resources and grow their wealth together. You can effectively transfer wealth between generations and these estate planning benefits may not be available through conventional superannuation products.

A SMSF arguably offers even more tax benefits when you consider the ability to segregate accounts and share imputation credits. Finally, your own SMSF also provides portability because your account stays with you wherever you go provided you remain within the framework of Australia’s superannuation laws.

At McHenry Partners we believe in providing pro-active, quality advice to help improve our client’s financial lives and create long lasting business relationships.

Our core values include Honesty, Communication and Accountability. We will guarantee that when we say we will do work for an agreed fee, that we will deliver this to the highest standard. If your expectations are not met, we will guarantee to address the matter to your satisfaction.

More Control & Flexibility

We know the content of this seminar could give you a serious competitive edge in your industry and if you’re spending too much time DOING the work rather than focussing on MANAGING and GROWING your business then you simply can’t afford to miss this seminar. In fact, if you only do one thing this year to improve your business make sure you spend 4 hours working ON your business at The Business Accelerator Seminar. We GUARANTEE this seminar is totally different to any other seminar you’ve ever attended and you’ll discover the marketing secrets of the fastest growing businesses in this country. You’ll learn about the ‘the new rules of business’ and the smart tools, software programs, systems and processes they are using to drive phenomenal growth.

Most importantly, this PRACTICAL presentation won’t just tell you what you “should do” it will also show you “how to do it” with live online demonstrations, screen shots and working examples. This means you can see exactly “how to use” these new tools and then apply them in your business. This seminar is valued at $595 but is available FREE to our clients.

In business, if you keep doing things the same way you’ll continue to get the same results. In 2014 you need to be working ON your business, not just IN your business. If you’re chronically busy producing mediocre results then register immediately because the information in this seminar could mean the difference between your business thriving and just surviving. The content is not only educational, it is inspirational and a real ‘game changer’ for committed, pro-active and ambitious business owners.


  • You’ll learn how to grow your business using cutting edge technology, tools and marketing strategies. You’ll walk away with dozens of innovative ideas that could massively accelerate your business success and change your future financial outcomes
  • You’ll discover How to Turn Your Website into a Marketing Magnet that Guarantees More Traffic and Sales
  • The 10 Hottest Business Tools that could Explode Your Productivity – Get More Done in Less Time
  • 7 New Strategies to Position Your Business as the Industry Leader
  • How to Dominate Google in Your Industry
  • The #1 Way to Fast Track your Growth in 2013 and Beyond
  • The Secrets of Video Marketing Made Easy – How to Generate Hundreds of Website Visitors Per Month through the Power of Video Marketing

Client Testimonials

“I wish I had watched this financial presentation 10 years ago. Property Investment sounds a lot less daunting when you understand how it works. I thought I was a long way off getting an investment property, but I now understand I can use the equity in my home and I can afford the weekly net cost.”


Daniel Storey

“I was always busy in my business but my profitability was not a reflection of my time, effort and investment return.  After a business planning session with McHenry Partners, it was evident my systems were inefficient, our team members not productive enough and my time was being bogged down in less important areas of the business.

Over the last two years I committed to monthly consulting meetings with McHenry Partners. These meetings would identify the priorities of actions to work on my business to improve it. As a result, we have made significant improvements with better structures, systems and communication in our organisation and the team culture is now fantastic. I don’t have to worry about business cashflow anymore which gives me great peace of mind.

We now only have quarterly meetings instead of monthly, which keeps my General Manager and myself accountable to continue to improve the business. I would highly recommend McHenry Partners services.”

Richard Hockley
All General Surveying

Work Smarter NOT Harder ...

This is a one-off, never to be repeated seminar and seating is strictly limited to the first 150 registrants. Don’t procrastinate, register NOW because once the seats are filled they are gone forever. You can read more about the seminar and the presenter by downloading the attached brochure and we really hope you can join us for what promises to be an extraordinary event.


You’ll get loads of proven strategies to help drive more visitors to your website
• You’ll learn how to improve the visibility of your business on Google
• We will remove any fears you have about the internet and e-commerce
• You’ll learn about mobile technology and social media
• You’ll see how to engage and convert your customers with email and SMS
• You’ll see why YouTube is gathering massive momentum as a way to engage with customers and you’ll learn how to harness the power of video to promote your business
• You’ll see direct response marketing automation and productivity tools in action that could unlock the referral floodgates in your business

Most importantly, you’ll leave this seminar excited at the marketing possibilities in your business and things you might have considered ‘too hard’ like social media, website design and mobile technology will be simplified and become accessible. Clearly the potential rewards are massive and if you only do one thing this year to improve your business make sure you invest 4 hours of your time to attend The Business Accelerator Seminar on July 17 … we GUARANTEE you’ll be glad you did!

If you have any queries please contact uson 1300 789 844.