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Business Client Testimonials

I found I was always busy in my business but my profitability was not a reflection of my time and effort.

After having a  planning session with McHenry Partners, it was pointed out to me that my systems were inefficient, our team members not productive enough and my time was being bogged down in less important areas of the business.

McHenry Partners helped me develop an action plan document so I was accountable to working on my business. Over time our organization structure, team roles and systems have improved significantly and our customer service , turn around of jobs, management of debtors and hence profitability and cash flow is far better. The business is not so reliant on myself and there much less pressure and frustration now which is a relief. We appreciate McHenry Partners guidance at monthly meetings which are now quarterly given significant progress has been made to date and I am motivated  to continually improving and fine tuning from here.

Richard Hockley
All General Surveying

Testimonials of attendees from our Property & Superannuation Presentation

“This was a very professional presentation explained in lay persons terms. It has motivated me to get more serious with the financial side of my life”.   - Ralph Pennisi

“I have been to quite a few financial presentations but this one was the most impressive I have seen. It was extremely informative and engaging and has helped me a lot”.   - Carolyn Gellert

“Even though I am not far off retirement age, this presentation was a timely refresher! There are some superannuation opportunities that were pointed out that I will now capitalize on”.   - Kathy Davenport

“I wish I had attended this financial presentation 10 years ago. Property Investment sounds a lot less daunting when you understand how it works. I thought that I was a long way off getting an investment property but I now  understand I can use the equity in my home and I can afford the weekly net cost”.   - Dan Storey                                               

“McHenry Partners have provided professional guidance over the years in the areas of                property and superannuation which has made a big difference to me. Attending the latest presentation has updated me on a few areas I can make further financial improvements on”.  - Andrew Mackay

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