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Veterinary Practices

McHenry Partners have specialised, industry experienced team members which enable us to consult and work with veterinary practices and their owners to help make their practices more effective, profitable and  less stressful.

We have found the following issues to be some of the common key challenges facing Vets:

•    Achieving a satisfactory and sustainable work life balance is an enormous challenge for many practice owners and has become more and more difficult in an increasingly competitive market.
•    Human resource systems and clinic management – everything from recruitment of key talent, documentation, rostering, staff structures and performance management and how to implement positive changes to achieve ‘buy in’ from team members. Staff management is often a big issue.
•    Achieving the right mix between the various roles a Vet is often forced to play within the practice. Do you spend too much time on tasks that someone else could do more effectively thereby freeing your time up to concentrate on being a Vet and producing income for your practice?
•    Financial management – do you understand your financials and the areas that you should be focusing your attention on? Are your staff charging correctly? Do you manage your debtors effectively? Do you have a clear understanding of your expenses and are they managed effectively?
•    Client compliance is very important. Do clients take the clinic’s advice on flea treatments, worming, vaccinations, dental, weight, diet, microchipping, pet insurance as well as the clinic having correct client details on file.
•    Work Health and Safety compliance – a can of worms no one wants to open!
•    Communication systems within your practice and to your clients. Do you have a marketing plan that communicates effectively with existing and potential new clients?

McHenry Partners can assist with setting up systems, processes, procedures and templates that will improve the short and long term operations of your business and the effective management of all areas of your practice including finances, human resources, customer service, work health and safety, and the marketing of your practice.

While many Accounting firms focus simply on basic accounting services, at McHenry Partners, we are truly business improvement consultants with Vet specific team members. We are here to improve the management, operations and profitability of your practice.

Contact us for a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your needs and to identify how we can add value to your practice.

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