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Thinking of starting a new business or buying a business, then “partner with us” and benefit from our experience before proceeding.

The failure rate of small businesses after 5 years of operation is very high. Getting the right advice before commencing and to be willing to seek advice along the business journey gives you every opportunity to be very successful.

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Not getting what you need from your current accountant? McHenry Partners are here to change things for the better.

Our initial free consultation will identify whether you're comfortable with our personality, style, service & value that is to be provided so you can make an informed decision to engage us.

We will provide an ethical letter to your Accounting firm advising we are managing your financial compliance obligations from here and request any information that we may need.

We will agree with you on the services you require from us over the next 12 months and agree on a fee amount and payment terms that are suitable to both parties

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